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May 26, 2022

Commercial Payment International - Klasha launches payments links to accept cross-border payments

With a big push both economically and financially in Africa, commercial payment companies are finding ways to push digitisation amongst smaller businesses that are behind the technological curve.

In such, Nigeria based cross-border payments company, Klasha has launched a no-code option to accept payments for B2B and B2C merchants. Under this Klasha Payment Link, it will let African business clients pay their international companies ‘without needing a website, app, or any coding skills’.

According to the company, businesses can create a simple custom checkout page directly from their KlashaDash dashboard and customers in Africa can make payments using their preferred payment methods like card, bank account, USSD, m-pesa, Ghana Mobile Money etc and this won’t require coding and the payment link can be shared to clients via any channel of their choice.

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