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June 30, 2022

Klasha appoints Former Head at Mastercard as Chief Commercial Officer

We at Klasha are thrilled to announce the appointment of Nile Younis as our Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). Nile is based in Dubai, assuming the new role within the company.

Nile has joined Klasha with over 20 years of global experience in solution sales, product management and business development, which focuses on e/m-commerce alongside cyber and Card-Not-Present fraud solutions. Nile has joined Klasha after a successful 10-year career at Mastercard, where he created leading go-to-market strategies across the MEA (Middle East Africa) region for real-time and multi-rail payments interoperability. Most recently, Nile was the P&L business owner responsible for building and establishing Digital Payment Ecosystems at national levels for Mastercard in the Middle East African region. Under the strategic mandate of creating new business models in emerging markets, Nile and his team successfully achieved the corporate objective of digitising large cash flows across multiple sectors in the last five years. 

“We are pleased to announce the appointment of Nile Younis as Chief Commercial Officer at Klasha,” said Jess Anuna, Our Founder and CEO. “Nile’s global experience will build the commercial infrastructure needed to allow other international businesses to tap into the African market through Klasha and provide a seamless cross-border experience for African consumers. His wealth of experience will add immediate upstream and downstream value to Klasha as we bullishly scale the business this year.”

“Our goal at Klasha is to continue providing real value to our customers by addressing the vast opportunity available in the African e-commerce sector,” said Nile Younis. “By 2025, half of the world’s working population will live and work in Africa, but today only 30% of the over one billion population have ever made online payments. Klasha aims to create easy access to the world’s largest emerging and fastest-growing consumer market. I am thrilled to have recently joined the energetic, driven and focused team of talent that makes Klasha so unique.” 

Brought up in Bahrain in the Arabian Gulf, Nile has had the privilege of working in the UK, Holland, Bahrain, Tanzania and UAE.

In his new role as our CCO, Nile will be instrumental in developing and executing the commercialisation strategy at Klasha, including structuring and growing the organisation to drive essential market adoption of the company’s products and services. Nile brings new perspectives and cultural diversity to the organisation, will ensure adaptability in the execution processes, be accountable for profitable revenue growth, and work with the team to achieve Klasha’s core goal of bridging the e-commerce gap between Africa and the rest of the world.

Welcome to Klasha, Nile! 

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