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June 8, 2022

Techbuild Africa: Klasha announces $2.1M, completes $4.5M Seed Round

Klasha, a startup based in Lagos and San Francisco, has acquired an extra $2.1 million to bring its $4.5 million seed round to a close.

The firm, which offers a variety of cross-border e-commerce products across Africa, received new funding from a group of foreign investors led by American Express (AMEX) Ventures, American Express’ strategic investment arm.

This is AMEX Ventures’ first investment in an African startup. Global Ventures, a MENA-focused VC financed by Tabby, Paymob, and Helium Health, co-led the deal alongside the business.

“I think the fact that AMEX is now participating in the region, especially after investing in businesses like Stripe,” Jessica Anuna, Klasha CEO Jessica said, adding that the addition of Global Ventures is also significant for the company.

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