May 26, 2022

Nairametrics - How businesses can use Payment Links to receive payment online without a website

Getting customers to make payments is an integral part of every business. As the world continues to evolve, payment systems have grown from the barter system to the traditional method of paying with cash to cards and now we have a more advanced payment system – digital payments.

With each evolution in payment systems comes convenience, speed, and better security. Most businesses now have websites and have integrated different payment methods to cater to the needs of their ever-growing customers.

But one important method that is increasingly gaining popularity is the use of Payment Links.

What is a payment link?

Payment Link is an easy and convenient way for businesses and individuals to receive payment payments for goods and services online via a simple URL without a website. You can accept payments through any channel – email, social media, or text message by simply sharing your payment link with your customers. It doesn’t require any complex API integration like the payment gateways.

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