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May 26, 2022

Guardian - Klasha to fast-track Africa’s borderless payments for commerce

Klasha, which started as a fashion e-commerce company, a Techstars backed company, said it has built payment integrations that allow African consumers to buy from global retailers online in their local African currencies and get their items shipped quickly to the continent.

Speaking recently, the Chief Executive Officer, Klasha, Jessica Anuna, said the firm’s solution helps merchants worldwide sell online to Africa and receive payments in local African currencies, while enjoying super-fast last-mile delivery to consumers across the region. She said consumers can make online payments regardless of where they are based geographically in Africa and where the retailers are based too.

According to her, logistics remain the largest challenge to cross border commerce, which Klasha is out to resolve. Getting this done, she explained that the firm has learnt a lot about consumers’ pain points online over the past few years, and “we are committed to solving these unique challenges. We have built a secure and reliable commerce solution from scratch using modern technologies.”

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