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May 26, 2022

Klasha Partners with Weebly to Support Ecommerce Growth in Africa

As a leading cross-border technology company powering borderless payments for commerce in Africa, Klasha are happy to announce our partnership with Weebly, a leading website and e-commerce solution company that enables merchants to have more flexibility in how they transact with their customers.

Weebly by Square is a website and e-commerce solution, based on the idea that anybody should be able to take their business from concept through launch and growth. 

Businesses can use Weebly to create websites that people love to visit and shop on, whether they're establishing an online business from scratch or expanding an existing one.

What this partnership means for you

This partnership with Weebly will provide businesses with the opportunity to accept more payment methods, and online buyers the freedom to utilise other payment methods in addition to traditional credit card alternatives.

Klasha’s payment gateway can be simply integrated into the checkout process for businesses who currently have a Weebly website. Those without a website can create an Instant Website with no coding and accept payments through Klasha while providing customers with multiple payment alternatives.

Benefits of the Klasha-Weebly integration

  • Merchants can accept payments in Africa across multiple payment options, including mobile money, debit/credit cards, bank transfer, Klasha wallet, USSD.

  • Merchants can track transactions, settlements, and cash flow across all payment methods on Weebly’s dashboard.

How to get started with integrating Klasha on Weebly

Setting up Klasha on Weebly, and accepting online payments for your store, is easy. Simply follow this link to download and install the plugin. Find a detailed set-up guide here.

If you encounter any challenges, reach out to us on support@klasha.com.

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