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June 8, 2022

Techuncode: Klasha Inc Introduces Klasha 2.0

Francisco-based African cross-border commerce startup, Klasha Inc has announced Klasha 2.0, just days after celebrating its first anniversary.

It also announced that it has re-launched KlashaCart which it formerly called Klasha app.

The KlashaCart is the company’s application which facilitates frictionless online cross-border transactions.

It also aids in performing high limit virtual dollar cards and seamless shopping from international stores online using African currencies.

What you should know about Klasha 2.0:

According to the company, Klasha 2.0 is the latest version of Klasha.

It includes new and updated features of the website’s interface and business products and comes both in Android and iOS versions.

Also, the new Klasha 2.0 has further updates which includes KlashaWire and Payment Links.

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