May 20, 2022

Sina - eWTP Inclusive Globalization "Belt and Road" Countries Rise of Internet Entrepreneurship

China News Service, Hangzhou, April 23 (Zhao Xiaoyan and Hu Yixin) The cover of the latest issue of Forbes Magazine Africa selected 6 female entrepreneurs of new wealth in Africa, 28-year-old Nigerian girl Jessica Anuna (Alibaba Business School student). Jessica Anuna) is one of them.

  Two years ago, Jessica founded Nigeria's first fast-fashion shopping platform, which specializes in providing affordable fashion goods for young African girls in their 20s. As the first trainee of the "Internet Entrepreneurs Program" project in cooperation between Alibaba and UNCTAD, Jessica sighed after witnessing the grand event of "Tmall Double 11": I will also do something aggressive to let Africa Become one of the players in the global fast fashion industry.

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