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April 19, 2022

Klasha wallet security: Are my funds safe in my Klasha wallet?

With the expanding use of virtual solutions such as Klasha Wallet for business and personal transactions,  online users have grown more worried about the financial security of fintech, and e-commerce apps, especially concerning fraud prevention. 

As a user-centric institution determined to bridge cross-border transactions for Africans, we, at Klasha understand the importance of financial security for our customers and all their transactions. To this effect, we have taken stringent steps for fraud prevention to secure your Klasha Wallet. 

Here are the ways we keep your Klasha wallet safe:

  • Your identity documents

As part of our financial security measures, we have two levels of KYC verification on the Klasha Wallet which have to be completed to make transactions and remove limits on your account. After creating your account,  you will be required to verify your identity with both BVN (Bank Verification Number) or a valid ID issued by the government (national ID card, or NIN slip, driver’s license, voter’s card,). 

With these measures, we know who you are and have your personal and financial records stored in our system. This helps with fraud prevention as your identity will be made known to all and sundry using the Klasha app. 

  • Your personal information

Our services and servers are private and secure. Currently, Klasha is PCI-DSS, and ISO270001 certified, which means we ensure maximum security in terms of payment, transfers, and processing. Be rest assured that the funds in your Klasha wallet are safe because the confidentiality of our customers and their details is a vital priority for Klasha. 

So whether you are creating your account, sending money to bae, or shopping for your favorite items online, you need not fret! Your details and transaction history is stored safely with us and can only be accessed by a selected and trusted few.

  • Your password combination 

The security set-up for your Klasha Wallet is meant to take care of occasional logins and initial sign-ups. When you sign up on the Klasha App, you will be required to create a password (with any combination of letters, numbers, and special characters) to secure your account. 

Just like the 4-digit PIN, the password is unique and known only to you. It also provides the first line of defense against unauthorised access to your Klasha wallet.

  • Your PINs

All Klasha wallets are secured with a unique 4-digit PIN that is created by YOU. In other words, no one including Klashans knows your PIN and can get into your account.

This is a must-have security measure for all accounts as you can’t transact with your wallet without first setting your sign-in and transaction PIN. 

How often do you entrust others with your ATM pin? This is the same way we advise that you jealously guide the 4-digit PIN associated with your Klasha Wallet and do not share it with others.

  • Instant app and email  notifications

Klasha's App push also serves as a means of notifications and is being used to send real-time alerts. The app notifications and automated emails will notify users whenever a transaction is initiated on your account.  This keeps you in the know and up to date with all that is happening in your wallet. If you get an email notification about a transaction you did not initiate,  do reach out to us as soon as possible. 

  • Card control

Your Klasha Wallet, Your decisions!

You can enable and disable your virtual card quickly, securely, and at will. You have full control and autonomy over your virtual cards. This last means you can create new ones from within the Klasha App.

Here at Klasha,  your security is our priority which is why we will continue to update and upgrade our financial security measures to keep your Klasha Wallet and funds safe and secure from fraudsters.

Don’t have a Klasha account? Click here to download the Klasha mobile app and create an account. 

Have any questions about Klasha's solutions or want to discuss your account's security? You can reach out to us via

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