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May 25, 2022

Introducing Klasha 2.0

The update we've been itching to give you

As we come to our first anniversary, Klasha is proud to announce that we have new features available in the Klasha app- known for seamless online transactions, high spend limit virtual cards, and much more. 

Klasha 2.0 in Pink is the latest version of Klasha, which has new and updated features of the website’s interface, B2B, and B2C solutions. These updates are flagged under a new brand colour which is warm, bright, and hardly seen in the ecosystem: PINK.  

Introducing KlashaCart

Famed for low transaction fees, lower exchange rates, virtual cards, and the PINK Money feature, KlashaCart (formerly known as Klasha app) is a B2C solution that users have maximised and explored thoroughly. Africa’s e-commerce market expands significantly year after year, yet consumers in Africa do not have frictionless access to the e-commerce world. Using KlashaCart, users will have all their favourite international stores like Zara, Amazon, and ASOS at their fingertips, get fast delivery to Africa in 14 days, and have a seamless cross-border shopping experience.

In line with Klasha’s mission, Klasha 2.0 has offerings to make online transactions on the KlashaCart more seamless and hassle-free. 

 The latest features of the KlashaCart, courtesy of Klasha 2.0 in Pink, include: 

  • New interface design: Despite the popularity of the app’s friendly interface among reviewers, we have revamped the interface design so users can have an improved experience with the app. With the redesigned view and easy-on-the-eye fonts and colours, users can quickly move through the different aspects of the app and have a seamless experience. 

  • KlashaCart: Available as an in-app shopping cart feature, KlashaCart allows users to shop from various online stores simultaneously. With a funded Klasha wallet or Klasha virtual dollar card, users can visit international brands such as Zara, Amazon, and many more in one click, to shop and pay with this one-cart-fits-all.  

  • Status page: This feature helps users track the uptime and downtime status of Klasha services and channels. With the status page, users can check the status of a Klasha service before use to know if it is available or under maintenance. 

  • Transaction status: App users can now monitor the status of all transactions without reaching out to Klasha Support. This self-service feature informs a user if a transaction is successful, pending, or failed in-app.

What does this update achieve?

With these new features, we are reinforcing our dedication to simplifying cross-border transactions for consumers in Africa and empowering businesses with the tools they need to expand into Africa in one sweep.

Download the KlashaCart via the Android or iOS store to enjoy a seamless online payment experience. 

Got any questions? You can reach out to us with any queries or inquiries. 

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